Websites page

I have listed below resourceful websites for our youth and elderly. These are educational sites to help support and bring comfort to these seeking advice or information. Always read the terms of service, privacy polices and rights to all websites. If a link won't click onto the site, left click and then right click and select the option open in a new window.

 Glaucoma (January)

Turner Syndrome (February)

CoronaVirus (February)

Colorectal Cancer (March)

Cerebral Palsy (March)

Kidney Cancer (March) 

Autism (April)

Addison's Disease (April)

Esophageal Cancer (April)

Parkinson's Disease (April)

 Child Abuse (April)

 IBS (April)

Foster Care (May)

Depression (May)

Small Intestine Cancer (May)

Stroke (May)

Mental Illness (May)

PTSD (June)

Bone Cancer (July)

Steven Johnson Syndrome (August)


Mesothelioma Cancer (September)

Sickle Cell Anemia (September)

 Alopecia (September)

Ovarian Cancer (September)

Brain Aneurysm (September)

Childhood Cancer (September)

Suicide Awareness (September)

Gay-Teen Suicide

Gynecologic Cancer (September)

Addiction (September)

Prostate Cancer (September)

Thyroid Cancer (September) 

ADHD (October)

Breast Cancer (October)

Domestic Violence (October)

Down Syndrome (October)

Endometriosis (October)

Diabetes (November)

GERD (November)

Stomach Cancer (November)

      COPD (November)

      Epilepsy (November)

       Birth Injuries