My Sole Purpose

Hello Good People! My name is Cornecia. The sole purpose behind my brand is to raise awareness about the various diseases across the world. There is so much knowledge and information out there, but until it hits close to home you are often left in the dark. My grandmother passed from ovarian cancer and it wasn't until then that I realized I wanted to learn more and do better! I also plan to donate to different organizations in their parenting month(s). For example, September is the parenting month for ovarian cancer among several other cancers, so at the end of the month I will donate a portion of my proceeds to those organizations' websites. At the end of each day it's about giving back and gaining valuable information to share among each other. I hope to have support in this journey that will help change lives forever. I will always be updating my store with new and valuable information also new items. Thanks for shopping with KorneciaKreations!!